Competiton Time Over on Facebook

Hello I’ve got a competition running over on my Facebook page to win signed paperback copies of all three books in the Fallen Angels trilogy.  It closes on Sunday 21st May. Pop on over on the link below to enter:

Death’s Dark Lonely Road

Starting to try out this video blogging.  Here’s a promo for the Darker Side Of Fiction Event in October.

Competiton Time

Competition Time 🙂 Pop on over to my facebook page to check out my latest competition to win signed paperback copies of the three novels in the Fallen Angels trilogy. Click on the picture below to visit my facebook page and enter:    

The Darker Side Of Fiction 2017

It is my pleasure to announce that I will be attending ‘The Darker Side Of Fiction 2017’ Author signing event.  It is taking place in Peterborough on the 7th October and there will be fifty authors there who walk on the dark side of fiction. SO if you want to meet me or any of the other authors,… Read more »

A Valentine’s Day gift for you

Being the old romantic that I am, I thought you might like a little gift to brighten up your Valentine’s Day. From now until the 14th February, you can get my collection of love poems, ‘The Alchemy Of Swaying Hips’ absolutely free for your Kindle. So why not pop on over to Amazon by clicking the image… Read more »

A teaser from ‘Angels Bleed’

Click on the image to visit the Amazon page for the book.

Original copy of ‘Death’s Dark Lonely Road’ poem

This is the original handwritten copy of the poem which was written way back in 1986 when I was ‘ahem…’ years old.  The   It hasn’t changed much over the years which is not something I can say about my handwriting, which has become progressively worse the more I use a computer to write with. The latest… Read more »

St Giles Cathedral, Edinburgh – Key Location in ‘Her Moons Denouement’

One of the key locations in ‘Her Moons Denouement’ is St Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh.  Here’s a picture of the building and a little excerpt from the book set there:   ‘It is pandemonium on the Mile. For every tourist trying to get away from the small riot growing in strength in the shadow of… Read more »

  • Her Moons Denouement Just Released

    My new novel ‘Her Moons Denouement’ has just been released on Amazon.  You can get it either for your Kindle or in paperback on the following links:     In the UK  – ‘Her Moons Denouement’   In the US – ‘Her Moons Denouement’   If you haven’t read the blurb about it, here it… Read more »


    COMPETITON TIME Hello Everyone It’s only 90 days now until ‘Her Moons Denouement’ is released (on 31st October) and I have an exclusive paperback preview of the first seven chapters to giveaway as a prize to three lucky winners. As well as this you will also win a signed paperback copy of ‘Angels Bleed’. So… Read more »

  • Her Moons Denouement – Chapter 1 Preview now available

    The first Chapter preview of my net novel ‘Her Moons Denouement’ is now available for you to read below.  This is the sequel to ‘Angels Bleed’ and takes place a few weeks after the conclusion of that story. Please let me know your thoughts on this little preview: You can download a pdf of Chapter… Read more »

  • Her Moons Denouement – Release Date

    Drum Roll please. It’s my pleasure to announce the release date of my next novel, ‘Her Moons Denouement’, the sequel to ‘Angels Bleed’. It will be released on Friday 31st October 2014, just in time for Halloween. On the 1st April, I will be publishing the first chapter preview and as a little teaser, here… Read more »

  • Cover Reveal – Her Moons Denouement

    Hello Everyone The cover for my next novel, ‘Her Moons Denouement’, which is the follow on to ‘Angels Bleed’ has just been finished.  And here it is.  So please, let me know what you think and keep an eye out on Facebook/Twitter/this website for news on the release date and when the preview of the… Read more »

  • Angels Bleed Now Available in All Good eBook Stores

    You can now get ‘Angels Bleed’, my new psychological thriller from the following eBook stores by simply clicking on the links: Angels Bleed on Nook Angels Bleed on iBooks Angels Bleed on Smashwords Angels Bleed on Kindle   Five Star Reviews for ‘Angels Bleed’: ‘When I thought I had sussed the plot out, it spat… Read more »

  • Competition Time

    COMPETITION TIME During this week, ‘Angels Bleed’ will be released in all major e-book stores. To celebrate, I have FIVE signed copies of the paperback up for grabs. Entering the draw is easy.  Pop over to my Facebook Page and simply leave a comment on the main post, share the post or like it (or… Read more »

  • Her Moons Denouement – The Poem

    My next novel, the follow up to ‘Angels Bleed’ is called ‘Her Moons Denouement’ This is the poem of the same title, which will appear in the front of the novel.  It’s a little insight into one of the key characters in the story:   Her Moons Denouement Ah, her succinct instinct haemorrhages denial elementally… Read more »

  • Her Moons Denouement – Sequel to Angels Bleed

    ‘Her Moons Denouement’, the title of the sequel to ‘Angels Bleed’. The story starts a few weeks after the events on the first novel. Keep an eye out over the next few months for more news, snippets and also the first chapter. And here is the blurb for the book: ‘Even Fallen Angels Have Wings’ In the… Read more »

  • Competition Time

    Head on over to my Facebook Page, to enter a free giveaway for a signed copy of ‘Angels Bleed’ and a signed copy of ‘My Dark Disease’. The draw is open to anyone, just enter a comment on the competition post.  The draw will take place on Friday 8th Feb 2014. Thanks to everyone… Read more »