The thrilling final part of the ‘Angels Bleed’ trilogy, ‘Murder Path’ is now available.

Now read the thrilling conclusion to the Fallen Angels trilogy, ‘Murder Path’.

The Man Who Makes Murderers

The mutilated body of a prominent politician is found in his country house. On the floor surrounding it, written with the body’s intestines are the words, ‘We are The Fallen Angels’.

DI John Saul and Rebecca Angus are on the run from the police. They have been implicated in the murders of two people from Saul’s last case, a case involving The Fallen Angels. A case where he found out about the ‘Man Who Makes Murderers’.

When evidence is discovered that ties them to the murder of the politician, Saul and Angus set off on a path to discover who is trying to frame them.

A path that leads them into the debauched underworld of human existence.

A path that leads them to uncover shocking revelations about their past.

A path that leads them on a cat and mouse chase to stay one step ahead of the police.

A path that leads them to a man giving them a simple choice: kill or be killed.

A path that leads them to murder.

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