The sequel to ‘Angels Bleed’ now available.

Even Fallen Angels Have Wings

In the midst of a bustling Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, a strange sideshow pops up.  Billboards proclaiming ‘Even Fallen Angels Have Wings’ stand either side of a ten foot tall crucifix, an unconscious, near naked man nailed hand and foot to it.

Even Fallen Angels Have Wings

Two hours later the sideshow is a Crime Scene.  DI Fenny Bentley arrives to find a dead body on the ground at the foot of the crucifix, a single self-inflicted gunshot wound through the head, large feathered wings stretching out from the back with blood pooling around them.

Even Fallen Angels Have Wings

DI John Saul is on compassionate leave, supposedly recovering from the devastating personal loss he suffered during his last case.  But he can’t leave that case alone.  It consumes his every waking moment.  And he can’t sleep.

Even Fallen Angels Have Wings

DI Saul switches on a TV and hears those words on the news about the crime in Edinburgh.  The same words spoken to him by a killer on his last case.  A case which involved DI Bentley.

Even Fallen Angels Have Wings

Words that lead DI Bentley on a journey where everything he believes in, is ripped apart.

Where a woman he believes doesn’t exist, hounds his every move.

Words that lead DI Saul on a journey of impossible realisation.

Where a woman he believes dead, haunts his every move.

A woman that embroils them both in a trail of murder, debauchery, suicide and revelation.

A woman who laughs at her own Moons Denouement.

A woman called Madame Evangeline.

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