Drum Roll please.
It’s my pleasure to announce the release date of my next novel, ‘Her Moons Denouement’, the sequel to ‘Angels Bleed’.
It will be released on Friday 31st October 2014, just in time for Halloween.
On the 1st April, I will be publishing the first chapter preview and as a little teaser, here is the first paragraph of the first chapter:
‘The rusting, squeaky rubber rimmed wheels bounced erratically over the uneven shoe-shined cobbles on the narrow, steeply inclined side street leading up towards the Royal Mile in Edinburgh.  The wheels supported a twelve foot high distressed mahogany cabinet which was agitatedly shaking and rocking as it was being pushed up the incline.  It was being pushed from behind by a hunched back man, dressed in Jester’s motley, dull and threadbare, all vivacity faded from the colours.  Tarnished silver bells jingled on the end of the Fools Hat framing his ruddy, sweating face which was grimacing under the strain of his labour.’
Keep an eye on the page for more news, snippets and previews.

Written by maxhardy