My next novel, the follow up to ‘Angels Bleed’ is called ‘Her Moons Denouement’

This is the poem of the same title, which will appear in the front of the novel.  It’s a little insight into one of the key characters in the story:


Her Moons Denouement

Ah, her succinct instinct haemorrhages denial
elementally raw, she, Carpathian hewn
pale beauty shaded scarlet in alacritous
humorous allegory of her wanton moon
Ah, her bridled burden a sullen mood constrained
midst the tacit verve, she, in sated succour strewn
ignominy the riddle of illicit names
naked edged the carrion of her hollow tune
Ah, her frozen glow carves tears upon virgin lips
an echo bereft, she, breathless of amour’s swoon
soul scarred and sewn, beating with their eternity
no warmth of life tonight to light her aching womb

Written by maxhardy