It’s Burns Night today (Sat 25th Jan) and here’s a little ditty written in appreciation of the wonderful poetry he gave to the world:


Mine Ain Braw Lassie


Mine ain braw lassie wairmed mi wi a smile

Her broon eyes sae coy wi simmerin chairm

Cast oot o her laund, for ages and miles

Harkenin to me, she lainged for her haim


Sae tegither we wad, aneath oor lang braes

Oor laddie named aneath the same heivens

Kin jeegin Ceildh on oor byous day

Oor hearts, ane day, tae return, in crivens


A wee speal efter, we clecked on a schame

Sae we stowed oor auld gibbles an set oot

An a vaige to the carse o oor dreams

Whaur foriver efter wad be oor ruits


Mine ain braw lassie, whan am in her airms

For aye, ayebidin, ayeways, she’s mine haim

Written by maxhardy