Competition Time

Hello Everyone.  How would you like to win signed paperback copies of my three brilliant psychological thrillers as shown in the attached picture?  They are fast paced, dark and twisted, fascinatingly shocking tales that lead you into the darker side of life. 
If you fancy taking a trip into the ‘places in the mind most people keep locked up tight’, then entering the competition is easy.  Simply comment on, share or like the post on my facebook page Facebook Competition (or all three) and I will enter your name into the draw to win the books next Sunday 28th Feb at 8pm.
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Cover Reveal For ‘Voodoo Blood’

Well folks, it is time to let you all know the title of my next novel and let you have a peek at the draft cover.

For those of you who have read the Fallen Angels trilogy, you will have met DCI Jeremiah Strange and learnt a little of his background.  My next novel is his first psychological thriller, entitled ‘Voodoo Blood’



Murder Path is now available

The thrilling final part of the ‘Angels Bleed’ trilogy, ‘The Murder Path’ is now available.

Now read the thrilling conclusion to the Fallen Angels trilogy, ‘Murder Path’.

The Man Who Makes Murderers

The mutilated body of a prominent politician is found in his country house. On the floor surrounding it, written with the body’s intestines are the words, ‘We are The Fallen Angels’.

DI John Saul and Rebecca Angus are on the run from the police. They have been implicated in the murders of two people from Saul’s last case, a case involving The Fallen Angels. A case where he found out about the ‘Man Who Makes Murderers’

When evidence is discovered that ties them to the murder of the politician, Saul and Angus set off on a path to discover who is trying to frame them.

A path that leads them into the debauched underworld of human existence.

A path that leads them to uncover shocking revelations about their past.

A path that leads them on a cat and mouse chase to stay one step ahead of the police.

A path that leads them to a man giving them a simple choice: kill or be killed.

A path that leads them to murder.


Click on the image to link to Amazon to buy a copy.

The Murder Path – Chapter 1 Preview Now Available

Today I am pleased to announce that my next novel, the final part of the ‘Angels Bleed’ trilogy called ‘The Murder Path’ will be released on the Friday 28th August 2015.

To whet your appetite for the release, you can now read a free first Chapter preview if you click on the picture below:

Click on the image to open a free first chapter preview


The Alchemy Of Swaying Hips – New Poetry Collection

An inspirational collection of soulfully, sultry verses of heartfelt, honest love.

‘Walk with Me’ through the beauty of a ‘Sunrise’, listening to your mesmerising words becoming ‘Carnal, In A Whisper’ and be beguiled by ‘The Alchemy Of Swaying Hips’.

Twenty Eight beautifully crafted poems of love and desire: delve in and devour.




I have signed paperbacks of three of my books, ‘Angels Bleed’, ‘Her Moons Denouement’ and ‘My Dark Disease’ to give away to one lucky winner on the Friday 19th December, which should arrive just in time for Christmas.

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Her Moons Denouement Just Released

My new novel ‘Her Moons Denouement’ has just been released on Amazon.  You can get it either for your Kindle or in paperback on the following links:



In the UK  – ‘Her Moons Denouement’


In the US – ‘Her Moons Denouement’


If you haven’t read the blurb about it, here it is:


‘Even Fallen Angels Have Wings’

In the midst of a bustling Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, a strange sideshow pops up. Billboards proclaiming ‘Even Fallen Angels Have Wings’ stand either side of a ten foot tall crucifix, an unconscious, near naked man nailed hand and foot to it.

‘Even Fallen Angels Have Wings’

Two hours later the sideshow is a Crime Scene. DI Fenny Bentley arrives to find a dead body on the ground at the foot of the crucifix, a single self-inflicted gunshot wound through the head, large feathered wings stretching out from the back with blood pooling around them.

‘Even Fallen Angels Have Wings’

DI John Saul is on compassionate leave, supposedly recovering from the devastating personal loss he suffered during his last case. But he can’t leave that case alone. It consumes his every waking moment. And he can’t sleep.

‘Even Fallen Angels Have Wings’

DI Saul switches on a TV and hears those words on the news about the crime in Edinburgh. The same words spoken to him by a killer on his last case. A case which involved DI Bentley.

‘Even Fallen Angels Have Wings’

Words that lead DI Bentley on a journey where everything he believes in, is ripped apart.

Where a woman he believes doesn’t exist, hounds his every move.

Words that lead DI Saul on a journey of impossible realisation.

Where a woman he believes dead, haunts his every move.

A woman that embroils them both in a trail of murder, debauchery, suicide and revelation.

A woman who laughs at her own Moons Denouement.

A woman called Madame Evangeline.



Hello Everyone

It’s only 90 days now until ‘Her Moons Denouement’ is released (on 31st October) and I have an exclusive paperback preview of the first seven chapters to giveaway as a prize to three lucky winners. As well as this you will also win a signed paperback copy of ‘Angels Bleed’.

So if you would like to win one of these great prizes, simply comment, share or like (or all three ) the Competition post on the top of my facebook page and you will be entered in the draw on Friday 8th August.

On that Friday I will also be releasing a preview of Chapter 2 of ‘Her Moons Denouement’ on my website (You can already get Chapter 1).

If you haven’t had a chance to read ‘Angels Bleed’ yet, to get ready for the sequel, you can get it for 99c/77p on Kindle at the moment, so head on over to Amazon to get a copy.

Best of luck everyone and thank you for your continued support.